Resources for Catholic Pastors

It probably goes without saying, but a rebuilt parish requires the action and effort of incredibly innovative priests and Catholic pastors. Catholic pastors have to inspire their congregations and grow a staff to help him grow disciples. He preaches and helps the members of the Church encounter Christ in the sacraments. For this reason, Rebuilt authors Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran have provide a variety of resources to help Catholic pastors rebuild their parishes.

The Leadership of a Priest

Listen to Michael and Tom discuss the priest’s unique role in the parish as spiritual father. Avoiding both clericalism on the one hand and a false egalitarianism on the other, the priest exercises an authority of service.

Read more about becoming a leader in chapter 14 of Rebuilt.

Also, read about developing your strategy (chapter 5), creating an excellent weekend experience (chapter 6), stewardship (chapter 10), starting new ministries (chapter 11), and growing a great staff (chapter 13).

Catholic Homilies: Make Your Message Matter

In a series of exit interviews with Catholics who left their parishes in the Diocese of Trenton, many of the respondents cited poor preaching and irrelevant homilies as a key reason why they left (“Why They Left,” America Magazine).

In Rebuilt, Fr. Michael and Tom profile and describe these commonly heard homilies:

  1. Bible Study for Believers
  2. Church Chat for Church Ladies
  3. Sermons for Seminarians
  4. Convincing the Convinced (Yep, “Preaching to the Choir”)
  5. Nagging the Uninterested
  6. Boy’s Club Banter
  7. Hamming It Up
  8. Canned Ham
  9. Dishing Leftovers
  10. Let’s Pretend (I Have a Message)
  11. Public Confession/Public Boasting
  12. Let’s Just Be Friends

Go to the Church of the Nativity on Sundays and you’ll witness something different. See Michael and Tom talk about message preparation and series preparation:

Read more about preparing homilies and messages in chapter 8 of Rebuilt.