Rebuilt Podcast Episode 13: Timonium Tim

In this episode of the Rebuilt PodcastChris Wesley and Tom Corcoran talk about Timonium Tim (see chapter 5 of Rebuilt). Every church has a Tim, although in each community he will look different. Tim is the “lost” people that the Church of the Nativity is trying to reach. Join Tom and Chris as they talk about who exactly Tim is, how they strive to reach him, and how they help him grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Frank Tinus says:

    What process did you use to figure out who “Timonium Tim” is, what he wants and needs, and how to attract him (marketing and advertising) ? Was there specific research or focus group activities involved? Did you have to spend money to develop that understanding and action plans?

  2. Bob Smentowski says:

    We are looking for a new name for our RCIA program. Do you have any ideas? Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is just too complex for most seekers.

  3. I know Tim. We all do. He is a friend, a neighbor an associate. Your duty is to get him there. What a reward in silently watching the result.