Youth Ministry Resources

If we are going to make Church matter to Catholics, we have to grow teen disciples and we have to rebuild our Catholic youth ministry programs. Check out these youth ministry resources drawn from some of the best practices in youth ministry from, Rebuilt, and the Church of the Nativity parish:

Chris Wesley, Youth Minister at Nativity

Let Chris introduce himself and some of the lessons he’s learned in building and maintaining a great Catholic parish youth ministry.

Visit Chris’s blog, “Marathon Youth Ministry,” at and check out his book Rebuilding Youth Ministry for more inspiration and ideas for your parish.

Church of the Nativity Youth Ministry Resources

Some of Chris’s top blog posts for youth ministers include:

Explore the student ministry program at the Church of the Nativity website:

Other Great Youth Ministry Resources

Youth Ministry Blogs & Podcasts

For more about developing effective kid and student programs, read chapter 7 of Rebuilt.