Showing Up Shows We Care

Uprising Episode 2

Episode Highlights

We ask our leaders to follow the Lead Small Principles (from the book Lead Small):
1. Be present.
2. Create a safe place.
3. Take care of your personal faith/health
4. Partner with parents
5. Mobilize teens in ministry

The next few episodes will each focus on one of these principles.

Be Present:
Show up predictably every week
When you recruit leaders, be sure they know it’s a weekly commitment 
Showing up means showing up prepared and ON TIME (don’t waste your time or the teens’ time)
Takes notes about your students – know them faster

Next level showing up
Show up randomly (birthday card, phone call, game, text, postcard)
Find a few times a year to have off-campus gatherings
Go to a game – soccer, hockey, track meet

We can never compete with the entertainment and fun that they are getting out there. Our game can be “meh,” our message can even be just okay.  But small group is where we can matter most. We can compete with society and culture on that stage.

We offer authentic relationships. We are offering them something that they cannot get in culture – a safe place, a place where they truly belong, a place where they are known, accepted, safe, a place where they are heard.  Some don’t even get this at home, let alone at school or in their social circles. This is where we win. This is where the church wins – in small group.