Support & Encouragement

Our coaching is intended for parishes that would like intensive support and encouragement to implement their rebuilding plans. In the day-to-day business of running a parish, it is so easy to get off track and lose sight of our goals and plans. Our rebuilt coaching team will keep you on track so your team does not lose focus. Coaching will include an onsite weekend analysis and observation so we can get a taste and feel for the culture of your parish. After the weekend observation we will meet with your team to share our observations and initiate the coaching process.

Our coaching will help you implement the recommendations from our visit as well as shape a clear discipleship path for the people in your pews.

Biweekly Conference Calls

Our coaching will be made up of 24 bi-weekly calls. The calls will last 60 minutes. On the “off weeks” our coaches will communicate with you via e-mail to help you with any questions that have arisen since the last coaching call. Most coaching calls will involve the pastor as well as two to three other key leaders from the team, depending on the topic.


The calendar below offers a timeline in what we would do in an ideal world. Knowing that people quit, a crisis can occur, our coaching will ebb and flow with the year. We will tact in the direction the Holy Spirit is leading us and to meet the needs of your team. We will spend more time on issues that need more attention and less on ones that do not need it. The topics can also be rearranged in the schedule to fit the needs of your parish’s goals.

Meeting 1

Call with your leadership team to review the on-sight visit and the three core strategies to any growing healthy church.

Meeting 2

In this call we will focus on the mission of the Church to make disciples and on our personal desire to bring others to Christ.

Meeting 3

Discussion on major goals for the year so success is clear

Meeting 4

Reaching Outsiders – Assess what needs to happen to make your church more accessible

Meeting 5

Pastor only Meeting; Individual attention given to the pastor

Meeting 6

Message – evaluate homilies and overall communication of the parish. Check in on progress of goals

Meeting 7

Message – continue coaching on steps for planning messages; putting together a team.

Meeting 8

Pastor only Meeting; Individual attention given to the pastor

Meeting 9

Music – together we will assess your music and identify improvements to be made

Meeting 10

Music – we continue our conversation from the previous meeting

Meeting 11

Ministry and Hospitality – we will evaluate the ministry and hospitality of the parish and form a plan to increase its effectiveness

Meeting 12

Ministry and Hospitality – we will continue our conversation from the previous call.

Meeting 13

Pastor only Meeting; Individual attention given to the pastor

Meeting 14

Team Check in; Team Building

Meeting 15

Shaping a clear Discipleship Path 1 – We will help your team clarify what you want the people in your pews to do to grow as followers of Christ.

Meeting 16

Shaping a clear Discipleship Path 2 – Continue the discussion of the Previous Month

Meeting 17

Volunteer Ministry Recruitment Part 1 – evaluate your volunteer ministry needs and put together a plan to find them

Meeting 18

Volunteer Ministry Recruitment Part 2 – continue the previous discussion

Meeting 19

Pastor only Meeting; Individual attention given to the pastor

Meeting 20

Giving and Stewardship – We will put together a plan for increasing the generosity in your parish.

Meeting 21

Giving and Stewardship – Continue the previous month’s call

Meeting 22

Prayer Plans

Meeting 23

Pastor Only Meeting

Meeting 24

Review of the Year; Celebrate Wins; Discussion of Goals for the Year ahead




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