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Rebuilt – What & Why

We are passionate about the local Catholic parish.

Rebuilt began in a parish. A pastor and his colleague’s holy discontent brought about a new vision of renewal, and the result was profound parish growth and life change. The best-selling book Rebuilt was their way to share their story and begin a movement.

Rebuilt is a comprehensive plan to help your parish fulfill the great commission. The Rebuilt model is built on our Strategic Anchors: 1) Create an Exceptional Mass Experience; 2) Welcome Outsiders; and 3) Shape a Clear Discipleship Path.

Our Resources, Conferences, Coaching and Consulting help you create a parish plan to make your parish grow further faster. Our field-tested methods have been successful in churches across the country. We are practitioners who work in a parish and know firsthand the challenges you face.

With God’s grace, the Rebuilt model will help you grow weekend attendance, increase your offertory, attract volunteers, deepen the faith of your people, and lift the overall spirit of your parish.

Partner with Rebuilt and let’s build healthy parishes together!


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No matter where you are in your rebuilding efforts, Rebuilt can provide insight and wisdom to help your parish grow and move forward.

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The Parish That Started the Movement

Church of the Nativity

Timonium, Maryland

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Rebuilt team members are here and ready to help you and your parish team. We’ve been through the process, have learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t work!) and our passion is to help you revive and grow your parish community. Contact us for more information or just to chat. We’d love to meet you.

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