Rebuilt Resources: Introduction Convenient Parking

How solitary sits the city, once filled with people!

—Lamentations 1:1

Use the following discussion and reflection questions with the introduction to Rebuilt:

  1. What is the history of your parish? When was it founded and for whom? What is the community like today? How has it changed from the years past?
  2. Read through the list of survey discoveries on pages 5–7. Which ones would your parishioners suggest about your parish? Or, what might they say instead?
  3. Take an assessment of your current parish programs. Which of these programs are being fueled by our consumer culture and why? In other words, which programs require a lot of your time and energy only to be met with a greater demand? (Need more help? Read about Fr. Michael’s experience of “Family Friendly Fridays” on pages 10–11.)

The Church of the Nativity Story

In this initial homily of the Rebuilt message series, Fr. Michael White tells the story of why the Church of the Nativity decided to the change the way they were doing things.